Black live matter {BLM} It didn’t started last year, or

Yearly 2000, it started with 14 years old boy who was murdered 60 years ago

Flatting with a white women.


Today history repeat itself, do you know the meaning of black live matter?

*black power

*power to the people

This year it happened again in the street of America, a girl commented and said

#AllLivesMatters. After deeming the protest, she attended ‘’hateful’’ event of late legend ‘Martin Luther King’

‘’I guote’’ would’ve been ashamed of yourself, but we can all it

‘’overreacting’’ we can call it

‘’riot’’ we can call it

‘’violence protest’’ we can call it everything, but the only one word will describe this



People are asking us to polite


To stay calm? To voice grief with anger, and respect?


Our brothers and sisters their bodies are laid out, on the street of America, sounding the alarm.

Our bodies are threats well before, they are human, and we still want to source of rage.


We fear our rage, and will happen soon across a storefront window. It will happen across a corporate office. We are fearing the glass shared and glittering under police helicopter.


The world is in the fear of rage, will drag our children into the streets of Africa, and America. ‘’Black Lives Matter’’


We will never decorate the pain of you, I cannot make a beautiful ‘’homage’’ I can’t voke hope and pray the whole night, I can’t make you understand, how to use ‘Occupation’ and ignorance has blinded us.


Our black bodies are stopped, and frisked. We might call a mass meeting in our cities war zone, and every street corner has a checkpoint.


Violence is not a dead body, violence can be part down in broad daylight, we share the same as we suspect, violence is interdict to black students in all universities in South Africa. Who film the killing of young black students close range.


Officer are illegally choked the life of black student out of his body, while other officers assisted in the wrongful arrest. The violence is in-convince on injury, that caused his own death, can we survive this? ‘Black lives matter’

Violence is always going to be there, and ten officers to arrest only one unarmed black student.


We call it nonviolent student in the first place.

How can we accept our government that only applies to corruption law? To prisons black bodies.

How can we accept our government permits and perpetuates violence against black Power. The state trade with white hoods for police uniforms, and we want to march peacefully. They want us calm, they want us quiet, we wont stop asking to bite our tougues. ‘’yet you still want to talk about looting, according to the state they want us to know that we would have cared about the tombstones of black dead bodies.

This world is ‘hoarding’ if we didn’t black traffic, you think stopping cars, trains, and people is silly?

So you want us to protest peacefully, to ‘’replicate’’ our disfigured perception of the true legend ‘Martin’


But I quote’ ‘’Doctor said’’ Riots are the voice of unheard, and they will hear us now.

We get the sentiment, but it won’t keep us to kin from becoming ‘ghosts’

We not interested in resignation, we don’t want apologies, we don’t want ‘quilt’ we want insistence on how racist you are.


We don’t want to know how many black students or black people you have or you know. You just don’t get it, do you? Right.

Now- widowed mother with 1 year to feed.

My black students are being sent to heaven well before ‘god’ has requested them to ‘return’, and you want to know why ‘EDWIN MAKITLA’ called whiteness the devil.

All lives will matter when, black lives matter. So how many bodies do they want to evidence? How many videos of our last words?





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