Life is not all about been black or white person. Yes there is right and wrong,

But the fact is that for us may be all wrong, for someone else

Forces us to realise that other areas don’t exist.


A point where my views and your views overlap, and we can’t seem to agree.

In some instances areas are good and we can agree, and disagree without any sense of

Urgency to find common ground. What do we do when there are matters, which we can’t

Just sit on and ignore matters. Where we seriously need to established what is wrong and what is right by virtue of societal standards.


When I say “RAPE” is not necessary wrong to everyone, some people might call me “CRAZY” but I need you to

Look further than your own thinking, and trying to understand what I mean that.

“Daily sun paper” if a headline says “Husband rapes wife” it would have many mixed reaction inside it.

Again I say we don’t think the same way so what do we do about this matter?  Rape is a serious crime in the world. Over one million women and girls got raped every year. Two weeks back we received news about rape in Cape Town. A student was rape where students stand in solidarity with those who got affected been silenced by rapist. Those who speak out about it.


The question is “WHY”


Is it because they bear the shame of this crime that was committed against them. Is it because “RAPE culture” suggests that she was drunk or wearing a short skirt then she enticed her attackers. Is it because if the rape happen in campus or off campus then she invited the rapist and therefore she had intention to have sex with them. Is it because she fears that the number of sexual partners she had will come to light and contribute weather or not believe her. Is it because she will require her to relive her ordeal defend Herself. Rape is clearly a problem in South Africa, and it is obvious that not all of us view it in the same way.


Can a prostitute get raped? Many people might think. Well it’s not rape if she’s getting paid for it, that’s her job right? We do not think in the same way but again, what do we need to do to solve this matter?  I feel like everything begins with the individual. You need to introspect and look at the small things you allow to slide past you. That perpetuate rape culture and misguided beliefs. If you take part in a social networking trending topic that say’s #ItsNotRapeIf.  Followed by so many people.  if you mention your name or if you doesn’t report it, and then all of a sudden 16 days of activism against women and child abuse comes along us. ‘Why is this wrong I can’t take you seriously’ we don’t think the same and what may be a simple joke to you. Maybe rational thinking to another person. “man need to speak to man” and women need to speak to women about small  things you say about one another that foster a thought process that says “if she was wearing a mini skirt then or if she has slept with x man  then”


“How will I convince a man it is wrong to rape his wife” if you joke about rape from time to time? Rape is wrong and it is a serious matter. We need to get rid of the nation that it isn’t no matter what the circumstances.



Written by: Edwin mpho makitla

Inspired by: fees must fall movement crew

Published by: FeesMustFall.Joburg

Edwin Mpho Makitla is media student, studying at Wits University.



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