My feminist dream VS Reality.

I was thinking about feminist dream and my reality. I just found someone who understand my reality. i think it was in high school, my reality wasn’t personal, and people understand my situation in the corporate ladder. Those dreams are gone now. i Choose to live my reality.

I’m 23 years old. I’m studying at the Wits University.  Most of people at my age in the industry of media have divorces under their belts, along with their many awards and careers that I call it reality dream.

Edwin Makitla represent many young people with demanding careers. I represent myself and my fears. I do have so many opportunities ahead of me, but in a world it takes two years off. Taking care of myself, and my feminist dream that blow to my career, what options do i really have now?

2010, I was in grade 12, I was young boy who believes in continuously recognising that sexism and gender issues are still a great part of our lives and in their obvious and sometimes subtle forms, still dictate our place in society.


two years later I was struggling with this word: “feminist”. I have fought for this word because of the negative connections attached to it. I’m not a man-hating. I’m a boy who truly interested in my reality dream beside that, I’m just a human being trying to find a way to my dream.

Ten years ago my special teacher ever came to speak to us about gender and how it is portrayed in the media.

Feminist it’s a word that has been in democracy in multicultural societies, feminist theory and gender politics, violence and conflict transformation.

I asked myself what do I believe in a feminist is. Sarcastically I responded: “a man-hater”.

I asked myself was this interesting to note that although feminists are viewed as man-hating, a lot of hate is actually directed towards us. Note that I said us. I have a new found comfort in the fact that feminists, like all activists, will come in different way.

Agreed with me when I say: “there is no single feminism”. We debated about the struggle of a black human being and their role in redefining the gender agenda of a human being.”

When the real debate was at Wits University, all students and representative we ask questions whether the leadership in South Africa was representing the nation and our gender agenda.

It was unfortunate that I was unable to challenge the state myself regarding this but one memeber asked simple question an interesting question that I thought might answer what I was thinking. I’m a student, I’m interested to know what is happening in our country.

Why the African National Congress (ANC), was generally quiet on issues of rape and gender violence. Suddenly people do whatever they like, because rape is the serious issue, not only in South Africa, but in the world. My question would have gone something like this. Should the rapist walk free? Or they should pay what they did.

If I may ask why our scattered president, and vavi  they walk free like nobody’s business. Should the ideology behind the emancipation of women not lie in the fact that honestly we can do whatever the hell we like as long as it makes us happy (within the boundaries of the constitution of course)?

I do not know how to define our struggle, but I do see it every day. I hope we’ll define it for ourselves soon.





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