Young motivational speaker, aspiring and Media student, 22-year-old Edwin makitla, gave Wits Vuvuzela all the interesting scoops about his experience of the entertainment industry. He also spoke of how his lifestyle differs from other students.

¤ When did you start in the entertainment industry?

I started in my first year in 2011, doing promotions and working as a radio advertising. Later I got introduced to radio live on air, I then got myself into writing short poems, and short stories.

¤ What have you learnt from the entertainment industry?

You can’t trust anyone in the industry, even if it’s a female or male, you always need to watch your back and verify if what they say they are booking you for is legit. You can find yourself in many compromising situations because you also need to keep a good reputation in the industry. Sometimes some companies don’t live up to the terms of the contract and don’t pay their clients on time and other times they don’t pay at all. It is much safer to be under an agent.

¤ What do you normally use your money for?

I have a parent who believe that I needed to be independent from a very young age, so I started supporting myself financially after matric when I started to study at wits university. I then use my money to take care of myself and to survive while I am still a student. People sometimes see me with nice looks and the way I wear.

¤ What comes first between your work and school work?

I am only working part-time, but sometimes I have to juggle tutorials with an audition or a fitting. School comes first, but I believe that students should also invest in other options apart from what they are studying in order to have something to fall back on. I weighed my options and I want to secure my future just in case media doesn’t work out for me.

¤ What do you do for fun?

I have grown to be such a boring person. I don’t go out as much I used to. Juggling school and work is time-consuming. I only go out when I get free time which is either for a couple of drinks or lunch with friend in Ghandi Square(Johannesburg), just to blow off something in my mind. When I do go out, I only feel obliged to drink Alcohol because I’m not drinking, Sometimes I hang out with my girlfriend…Like I said, I am a boring person.

Written by: Wits vuvuzela


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