In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”MY STORY TO TELL!!!!!!!!!

When I first fell in love with media studies(film,tv) it was my
love for writing that drew me to the profession.
I wanted to weave words together in such a way
that they would paint a beautiful image that
would remain vivid in the imagination of the
reader. I still dream of that and in fact, I still dream of writing
novels about real people and
real stories that are yet to be explored.
MY second thing is that I love is radio “I fell in love with my stereo and it
never let me down” it was back at these days when
I fell for that seat behind a microphones and the intimate interaction
between me and the listeners.
This way however in the humanities music radio form and it
wasn’t until I study film and tv  that really started to engage with radio.
its funny when I did my short stint at (VOT) voice of tembisa. one of the
critisms I received oftenwas that my audio was a little “too serious”
for day time in tembisa. nobody liked me but when time goes and I start to feel it
and I enjoy single show I host.
that affected me a lot and my surrounding. I wanted to get
people thinking of course while I was busy studying
my third year in film and tv I got busy and at the sametime I receive a call from dream magazine that I should send them my poems and short stories.
don’t get me wrong I still want to study and I wont graduate anytime soon
I want to upper my skills, and video editing, but something drew me to radio this
when I had to choose my main streams today. I had my
first classes and it was amazing and I enjoyed myself. I wont say many things
I just love to share my story with the world. I want people tp hear my voice, and
im not afraid, to try and try.
written by: Edwin makitla
Inspired by: wits students
published by: EdwinMakitla/

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